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Home Cleaning Services Northern Suburbs

Home Cleaning Services Northern Suburbs Sydney

Home Cleaning Services Northern Suburbs Sydney

We have been doing home cleaning services for northern suburbs for 12 years, and we are professional and honest, any domestic cleaning regarding  kitchen, bathroom, window, oven, carpet steam, rubbish removal, please contact your local northern suburbs cleaners

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Pricing of Home Cleaning Services

House cleaning service (sometimes called maid service) varies in cost according to frequency of service, condition and size of home. Prices are generally based either on the number of rooms, the square meter or by the hour.

Typical costs:

* One-time cleaning of a 80 square meter two-bedroom apartment, costs $120-$195. A 180 square-meter single-story home with five rooms runs $135-$165. A 280 two-story three-bedroom home with six rooms averages $169-$280.

* Fortnightly cleaning of the same two-bedroom apartment costs $59-$65, the two-bedroom two-story home costs $74-$85.

What should be included:

* A typical regular cleaning includes vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing sinks, floors, countertops and range hoods. Some services include loading the dishwasher and changing bed linen. Generally, a cleaning service will bring all the cleaning products and tools.

Additional costs:

* Major tasks like window and wall cleaning are generally not included.
* Oven or refrigerator cleaning runs around $25. Dusting mini blinds averages $20.


* Signing up for more frequent service often means a discounted rate. Fortnightly cleaning versus one-time means a savings of $50-$200, depending on the size of the home.

Home Cleaning Services Sydney Wide

Would you like an Affordable and Reliable house cleaner to clean and care for your home? Then look no further, here is right place in Sydney, also you will find all the FREE home cleaning tips and solutions to make your home sparkling and shining in this site.

Home Cleaning is one of the most important domestic activities an individual can partake in. Not only does a tidy environment make for a happy one, it can also yield therapeutic benefits too.

How to ease you housekeeping or homemaking workload, and you will find out soon and keeping on reading .

With ease and comfort in mind we have compiled all the hints, tips, advice and “tricks of the trade” you will need in order to save your time and money when cleaning your home.

Let’s talk about bathroom cleaning first, as you know, the bathroom is one of the most heavily used rooms in the house, and it can easily get dirty so quickly; moreover because it is the most humid room in the house, due to the gallons of hot water which is run through there daily, it is ideal “birth place” for all kinds of germs, mold and mildew.

  1. Remove scum and stubborn marks from baths, sinks and shower recess: With half a lemon covered with a sprinkling of baking powder, the non-abrasive texture guarantees no scratches.
  2. Using vinegar and water solution makes tiles, mirrors and paintwork sparkle like new.
  3. Polish taps and stainless steel fittings, mirror with baby oil and a dry soft cloth, it is that simple.
  4. Using white vinegar and a brush monthly can make toilets shining too.
  5. Mold and mildew can be removed quickly using a half – half solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. repeating spray every couple of hours which is very environmentally friendly cleaning solution recommended by experts.

Secondly, when talking about bedroom cleaning, do you know, in a lifetime the average person spends 29 years in their bedroom, therefore keeping it nicely clutter free is not only pleasing and easier to maintain also conductive of a nice and safe nights sleep.

  1. Regularly cleaning is so much meaning for the gap between your home of office furniture, bed and walls become so important to get rid of all the dusts in rooms with a long stick soft feather duster tools, without the need to move furniture out.
  2. As you know Traditional yellow dusters tools becoming less effective than before, so If this is your preferred solution then only start with higher surfacts and allow loose particles to settle stay on lower surfaces before continuing dusing. Micro fibre dusters always (clothers or brushes) that trap dusts particles are far more effective than other tools.
  3. Remember Donot  fold garments immediately after your ironing you know, because they are likely to crease. Instead hang for a couple of hours.

For the next topic, we gonna talking about kitchen cleaning, a clutter free kitchen is much easier to work in and less likely to harbour germs that may impair your health.

  1. To remove burnt food from pans you can add a squirt of washing up liquid (brand “Morning Fresh” buy from woolworths) into the pan to a half pint of water, then bring to the boil. Allow the liquid to cool in the pan, then simply and easily wipe down clean.
  2. To remove spilled over food from the oven bottom could not be that easier. Simply sprinkle a hadful of salt over the area of spillage, the smoke will reduce and the spill will be easier to clean once the oven cools down.
  3. To remove coffee marks or other normal stains can be cleaned by using cleaning products named Jif (buy from Woolworths, kmart, target shopping center), but be careful when doing stainless stell fittings which is not recommended by using Jif.
  4. To keep the refrigerator smellin fresh and odour- free, grad a piece of cotton wool and put droplets of vanilla essence onto it, this way will stop odours in their tracts.

At last, let us take a look at carpet cleaning and maintenance, vacuuming carpets generally and regularly weekly or fortnightly, from our exerience moving heavy furniture can cause undue wear and tear on the carpets and leave deep impressions if the furniture is not put back in the exact places. Every 6 months, have the carpet professionally steam cleaned will extend or prolong carpet’s life span.

For sure, If you just can not do it all for yourself, asking professional cleaning helping hand is always simple idea to save you precious time for more important things.

The same dedicated house cleaner weekly or fortnightly, even monthly is not a luxury.

Your housekeeper will be checked and referenced and make you feel safe and comfortable .

Would you like to deal with one of the Sydney leading domestic cleaning service company with over 510 local homes cleaned every week across the whole Sydney area?

Then Welcome to HomeCleanerSydney.com.au.
We believe life is too short to spend it cleaning, so let us take the strain from you.

Home  Cleaning  Services  Sydney  -  Cheaper  Affordable  But  Quality  Domestic  Services

Low  cost  home  cleaning  Sydney  is your reliable house cleaning services based in Sydney Australia providing domestic cleaning, home cleaning even carpet and oven windows cleaning services in Sydney and that is not all, no matter you are just looking for a cleaner to provide you sofa and blinds curtains cleaning or Garden and end of  lease cleaning services in Sydney remember we are just A call away to provide you all cleaning services.

A healthy, environmentally friendly home clean – weekly, fortnightly or one-off cleans at your choices

We provide all cleaning products and you can cross them off your shopping list!

We clean with non-toxic, chemical free citrus-based products to keep your family and your home healthy.

Insured, uniformed, highly trained, friendly services.

We don’t lock you into contracts or have any hidden fees.

Our rates are very affordable and reasonable!
For a no-obligation, free estimate Get a quote now, or talk to one of our helpful team members

We will bring all necessary cleaning equipment and supplies for you then.

HomeCleanerSydney.com.au has been in the business of cleaning homes and offices in Sydney since 2006.

Our aim is to do our best and take some of the pressure out of our clients from normal life and improving their living conditions by keep our honesty and promises to built excellent reputation business based on our promises:

Honesty :  Keeping close eye on making sure we hire honest cleaning staff that you can trust (all with excellent refenence if required) in your home or office.

Consistency – Training regularly for team workers to perform the standard high quality cleaning every time they enter your house or office. aim to create a long term relationship for years to come.

Reliability – Always make sure your depending on your cleaning team to be at your house on time, in time. Simply email us or submit your thinking or making time and date changing for any reasons.

Communication – Guarantee our cleaners have enough communication with clients Each home as individual attention always No.1 priority set to be properly cleaned. Make it as easy as possible for you to call or email us for any questions or concerns about improving our cleaning services.

For a no-obligation, Free Quote  Get a quote  now, or talk to one of our helpful team members on 0423 084 069.

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